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Hello my dear blog readers. I am Atul Shah, 39 years old. I am a businessman in north suburbs of Mumbai. I would like to share a life changing event.
It was in April 2014 when I experienced excruciating pain in my hip region. Within a month, the pain had increased so much that it became very difficult to walk. I could not walk at all, not even with a limp. My situation became terrible. For about 15 days, I visited many orthopedic doctors and sought their help. An orthopedic at the time advised me to get an MRI of my hip joint.
On 17th May 2014, through the MRI scans Avascular Necrosis was diagnosed. After this diagnosis, I was told by all orthopaedic surgeons to undergo Total Hip Replacement (THR). I searched through the Internet about AVN and was shocked, devastated to find out that this condition was incurable. During this time, I consulted a renowned orthopedic surgeon in Mumbai who prescribed me tablets of Osteofos (Sodium Alendronate) – 70 mg per week. According to him, this medicine delayed the progression of AVN. However, when I searched on the Internet about this medicine, I became skeptical to use it because there were more side effects associated with this medication rather than benefits. So, I decided not to take these tablets.
I felt very dejected to know that I was going to be permanently disabled. I was extremely depressed, frequently cried. After seeing people playing football, jumping, or being active, I used to cry a lot. I used to feel sorry for myself thinking why have I got this incurable condition. I kept praying to God, for showing me an alternative treatment to cure my AVN without needing hip replacement surgery. I decided to stop feeling so negative, mustered some courage and self-determination to fight this incurable condition.
A month after my diagnosis of AVN, I was introduced to Unprocessed NATURAL diet concept by my relative. He told me to stop eating cooked food right away if I wanted to get healed naturally by adopting this naturopathy food habit. I had nothing to lose and there was no risk of any side effect as there was no medicine/drug involved. So, I began following the NATURAL diet through his guide. During this period I persisted with my efforts to seek other therapies for curing AVN by meeting many Ayurvedic and Homeopathic doctors. However, I could not find any definitive therapy for AVN. Although, I had started following the RAW diet, I was not confident at the time if I this was going to benefit me in any way. My family, friends, and all the medical experts told me to stop this madness about RAW diet and eat normal cooked food. In spite of enormous opposition, I carried on regardless of what people had to say and took this on as a challenge.
Within three months after starting the NATURAL diet, I experienced 70 % reduction in pain and stiffness. I was curious to know the reason for this relief from pain. Hence, I decided to get my second MRI scan of hip in August 2014. The result of the MRI scan was unbelievable. I was elated to find out that regression of my AVN was diagnosed. This gave me confidence and strengthened my trust in the NATURAL diet concept. At that time was doing nearly 70% Unprocessed and after the new diagnosis I immediately moved to 100% NATURAL diet with full dedication. I also started doing enema. Prior to this, I had never used enema. After 6-7 months of this 100 % NATURAL diet along with daily enema, I experienced 90% reduction in pain. I began to walk with a slight limp after several painful months. My condition improved remarkably and I was able to walk much better. It took about 11 months to reduce the pain to about 95 %. My stiffness disappeared completely.
Today, it has been 21 months following NATURAL diet. I don’t have any pain, no limp now, infact am healthier than a any other healthy person and can even play football. I had my third MRI in May 2015. MRI report says that there is no evidence of AVN at all. The report was normal, no sign of any signal showing AVN, no more bone edema (swelling of bone). I shared my story and experience about my AVN with members of AVN group on Facebook. I met many people in this group and today nearly 35-40 people are practicing NATURAL diet. Just like me, their pain has reduced and they are moving towards living a normal life.Today am contributing 80% of time as active prapogater of NATURAL diet for Noble cause…
“Positivity and negativity are always choices, I chose to inspire, and the universe rewards me handsomely”
This was my life changing story, feeling blessed…
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